Home Remodeling

In today’s competitive real estate market, prices are rising, demand is high and finding a home that meets all your needs is hard. The costs and stress of moving need to be thought through carefully. Changing location, finding new schools, getting to know a new area and moving away from trusted neighbors all need to be considered. What if you could update and improve your own living space to make it much more functional and appealing?

We specialize in remodeling, kitchens and bathrooms, creating a functional and appealing space that works.

Why Work with Space Reimagined to Remodel your Home?

  • Design expertise and help to pick cabinets, countertops, paint color, furniture, accessories and more
  • Project planning and management to keep track of the budget and schedule
  • Discounts for some materials passed through at cost with no mark ups
  • Access to trusted contractors, saving you time selecting a good provider
  • Constant communication throughout the project, keeping you updated if you choose to be away while the work is going on
  • Managing contractors while the work is going on
  • Quality control and resolving issue if they happen
  • Fun and collaborative approach to ‘Reimagining Your Space’ and delivering your dream project

What We Do:

  • Meet to understand your remodeling project and scope what’s possible
  • Prepare a remodeling plan and budget estimate
  • Get bids and schedules from trusted general and sub-contractors to undertake the work
  • Finalize budgets, schedules and agree a plan for moving forward
  • Work with you to select design and material finishes
  • Project manage the work and co-ordinate sub-contractors based on schedule

Each job is evaluated and estimated based on your remodeling needs. Design and project management fees are based on 15% of the project’s labor and material costs.

Please call Jackie @ Space Reimagined on 503 412 9959 to find out more.

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home remodeling
home remodeling